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Hi! My name is Kristin Rutten and I’m the owner and designer at Loopsy Daisy Studio, as well as Quilter’s Logbook.

For those curious enough to click on the link to this page, I thought I’d share a bit about myself and how this little business came to be …



A little about me …

Singer Featherweight Sewing MachineI am relatively new to the quilting world, but I’ve been a crafter, seamstress and generally creative person for as long as I can remember. My grandmother first introduced me to sewing around the age of eight when she helped me stitch a nine-patch pillow on her Singer Featherweight sewing machine. I no longer have that pillow, but I do still have that sewing machine, which is lovingly displayed in the curio cabinet in my dining room. I think about Gramma and that first experience every time I see a Featherweight.

Throughout my childhood, I continued to sew and create. Many of my earliest projects were of my own design … doll clothing and accessories, various decorative items, bags … your typical projects of interest to a kid. If I could hack something together, I did, with no worries about the “correct” way to draft a pattern or finish a seam.

In later years, I drifted more toward using professional patterns and learning proper technique, thanks in part to junior high and high school home ec classes. During that time, most of my creations were clothing items – some for myself but most for my younger sister. She was happy to wear whatever I made her … at least, until she got old enough to develop more of her own sense of style!

I continued to occasionally sew, craft, crochet and complete various other projects throughout college and early adulthood, exploring new hobbies such as rubber stamping (I was a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for a while), decorative wood painting, scrapbooking, photography and various other creative endeavors.  Sewing took a back seat for many years, though I did pull my machine out from time to time to stitch up curtains, crib bedding or various other home decorating projects.

Fast forward to 2014 when I discovered the world of doll pattern design. It was then that I taught myself to draft sewing patterns for 18-inch and later 14.5-inch dolls and began selling them under the brand “Matilda’s Closet.” I soon added PVC doll furniture patterns to the mix under the “AptOne8” brand. Both are offered through my business “Matilda Jo Originals,” which I continue to operate at

Oddly enough, during all of this time, I didn’t ever really feel compelled to quilt. Though there were a few quilters … or at least, quilts … in the family, my only real exposure to quilting was during the years of my first marriage when I watched my then mother-in-law hand-applique and hand-quilt bed-size masterpieces for several family members. The quilts were beautiful but oh, so time-consuming … it took YEARS for one to get finished and I couldn’t imagine a project holding my interest long enough to see it to completion. I loved the look of quilts but didn’t ever see myself joining the quilting community.

Quilted Zippered BagBut then in the fall of 2018, something changed. I was participating in a sewing workshop where we made cute little zippered bags and the instructor had us quilt the outside wrap of the bag before putting it altogether. Sitting there in the quilt shop, surrounded by other seamstresses and enjoying the conversation and camaraderie that comes along with such a class, something shifted and I was HOOKED.

I’ve been obsessed with all things quilting ever since and delved head-first into learning as much as I can about as many related techniques as possible. (You can check out several of my completed projects at, a site I developed in conjunction with this one as a way to document my own projects in addition to helping others do the same.) When I discovered the fun of machine embroidery, especially when combined with machine applique and in-the-hoop quilting projects, I knew I had found my latest calling and decided to shift my pattern designing endeavors to the world of quilting.


Welcome to Loopsy Daisy Studio

One of my favorite parts of late spring and early summer is when the daisies come up in our flower beds. There’s just something about a white daisy that makes me smile. I also have fond memories of both Gramma and my mother using the phrase “oopsy-daisy” when I was young and made a mistake of some sort. As I was learning to use my embroidery machine and later starting to digitize my own designs, I kept gravitating toward daisies … they’re cute, happy little flowers of which I just can’t seem to get enough!

Hence the name “Loopsy Daisy Studio” for my new venture … which brings us to today and this website.

Brought to you straight from my home in Central Montana, this is where I plan to share my latest obsession, including patterns and projects, embroidery files, tutorials, die cutting files, tutorials and whatever else catches my attention in the coming months. Some are offered for free, others for a fee … all shared with the goal of helping others find the fun and enjoyment that this hobby has already provided for me.

Thank you so much for stopping by my site! I look forward to getting to know you in the coming months and hope you’ll come back often to see what’s new! If you like what you see, please take a moment to subscribe to my e-Newsletter, share the site with your friends and quilting buddies, and if you’re a social media user, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest!

Drop me a line anytime via the contact page … and in the meantime, happy quilting!

🙂 Kristin

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