They say that when it rains, it pours. That really seems to be the case for me lately, at least when it comes to change.

When I launched this site just a couple short months ago, I had a definite plan, which I outlined in my introductory post. And then as so often happens, plans changed.

To make a long story short, I was presented with an opportunity earlier this month that I simple couldn’t pass up. This new challenge involves a new full-time job in a field perfectly suited to my interests, experience and background, complete with full benefits and an awesome schedule. I happily accepted and look forward to starting down this new path beginning August 1st.

Though I am still excited about Loopsy Daisy and the many possibilities I see with this site and business, I quickly realized that I would need to adjust my plans once again in order to balance this site with my new job. After pondering the situation for a few weeks, I have decided to make a few changes that I hope will allow me to continue pursuing BOTH challenges simultaneously.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s changing at Loopsy Daisy Studio:

  • My focus at Loopsy Daisy Studio is shifting more toward “fun” and less on business. With that comes a bit of rebranding … you’ll notice I’ve adopted a garden theme to go along with my site name. For instance, the shop is now “My Garden,” the cart is now a “basket” you can use to “harvest” your favorite products, and my Instagram feed is “Here’s What’s Bloomin…”. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more garden-related references popping up in my blog posts, emails and other communications because it’s, well … fun!
  • Instead of selling products individually, which requires a significant amount of formal product development, testing and marketing, I have now created the Loopsy Daisy Garden Club. Through this subscription-based membership, I will share the bulk of my designs and digital creations in a less rigid, more informal and “fun” manner. I’d like to invite everyone who visits to consider joining the club … you can find out more about it HERE.
  • In the process of creating and using my embroidery files and other designs, I always do a significant amount of tweaking, testing and refining. Only once a design meets my own high standards, do I share it with others. For this reason, I am no longer going to be using a testing team to formally test products. By eliminating that final step, I hope to speed up my ability to share fun new things with you and can keep my focus on creating and enjoying the process, rather than managing a testing team, worrying about deadlines, etc. Rest assured my focus will still be on producing high quality, user-friendly products.
  • I have abandoned our original Rewards Program because it just doesn’t fit very well with my new focus, nor with the Garden Club set-up. Very few visitors had accumulated many points yet, so I feel okay dropping the program this early in the game. My apologies if this decision disappoints you.

I think that pretty well sums up my new-and-improved plan for Loopsy Daisy Studio. Chances are, things will continue to change as time goes on and I figure out what works best. For now, thanks for your interest in my venture … and stay tuned! You never know what new seeds I’ll be “sewing” next …

🙂 Kristin

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