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Hi! I'm Kristin and I'm the sole owner & designer at Loopsy Daisy Studio. (You can find out more about me here.)

At this stage in my quilting and machine embroidery life, I am more interested in designing and creating than in spending my limited time marketing and selling products. The whole process is so much more enjoyable when we share, so I'm offering a fun and easy way for YOU to enjoy the fruits (and flowers!) of my labors ...

Share in the harvest by becoming a member of my exclusive Loopsy Daisy Garden Club!

With one simple subscription, club members gain access to everything in my "garden," which is where I share all of the creative and fun products I've been growing in my studio! Most of those items are available for "free" to members, including a variety of downloadable machine embroidery files, machine applique designs, and other patterns and projects. These items are generally available exclusively to members and are not offered for individual sale outside the Garden Club.

Other items, such as physical products which must be shipped or select downloadable items, are offered for sale to non-members in the more traditional manner. For those items, Garden Club members receive a special discount as my thanks to you for being part of my club!

Club membership entitles you to access all existing products in my Garden Club Freebies category, as well as any new products added during the time your membership is active. While there is no guarantee regarding the number of items I'll be adding to my garden in any given time period, it is my full intention to continue growing and sharing new additions on an ongoing basis as long as this site is in operation!

GARDEN CLUB MEMBERSHIP TERMS: First 3 months for $15, then $10 every 3 months until you cancel or change your plan.

How It Works ...

  • At the time you sign up below, you will be charged the introductory rate shown above. Once your payment goes through, you will gain immediate access to all products listed in the Garden Club Freebies category of my Garden (shop). As long as you are logged in, your membership  will enable you to harvest all products in this category by going through the regular garden checkout process. Your chosen product downloads will then be added to your account and will remain there for you to access and download as long as LoopsyDaisy.com is in operation. There is no limit to how many products you choose or how often you shop ... harvest every one of them, if you'd like!
  • At the conclusion of your initial 3-month membership period, your subscription will be automatically renewed via the payment processor that you chose when you first signed up (PayPal or credit card). Automatic payments will continue in this way every 3 months thereafter. A reminder notice will be sent to the email address associated with your customer account a few days before each renewal to alert you to the upcoming payment.
  • Need help? Product support is provided but is limited to your use of the files as intended and provided (ie. without user modification to design size, format, etc.). Support is also always available for general customer account assistance. Contact me at any time to request assistance via the Contact Kristin page.
The fine print ...
    • Garden Club Freebies access is available during the time your subscription is active and will end immediately when you change or cancel your plan or if your renewal payment does not go through successfully.
    • You will be able to manage your subscription, including updating your payment information or canceling your subscription, via your My Account page.
    • Products may be moved in and out of the Garden Club Freebies category at any time without advance notice, so it is strongly recommended that you harvest the items you wish to own as soon as you see them.
    • Your subscription terms, including price and payment frequency, will not change until you cancel or voluntarily make changes to your plan. If you do cancel, you may resubscribe at any time; however, if you do so, your options will be limited to whatever plans and terms are offered at that time. Your subscription will be considered "new" and will include the same initial fees and recurring payments charged for all new subscriptions at that time.
    • Subscription payments are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your plan before the end of its term, there will be no refunds issued for the remaining time on your account. In the event Loopsy Daisy Studio decides to cease offering a subscription option, you will be given at least 90 days advance notice of the impending cessation and your subscription will then be automatically cancelled on the date given. (You will still retain ownership of any product files that you have harvested during your membership.)
    • All items are copyrighted with all rights reserved by Loopsy Daisy Studio. Files may not be transferred, copied, resold, shared or otherwise publicly re-distributed without prior written permission from Loopsy Daisy Studio. Items made using Loopsy Daisy Studio files or patterns may be sold by you without prior permission as long as quantities are limited (ie. no mass commercial production).
    • Plan availability, including terms and pricing, subject to change at any time. (Changes will not affect existing subscribers who are active at the time the changes are made.)


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